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RESP Parents Awareness Page  
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Welcome to my home page.

This page is devoted to advise parents not to invest with  Scholarship Consultant of North America USC and their product USC Saving Plan

My name is Fadil Elsheik. My wife and I had invested with the above company USC for two years. For their poor business conduct, bad customer services, and inaccute yearly statements, we had decided to switch our daughter's RESP plan to another institution. therefore, they only transferd 23% of our invested money, and they, BY LAW, retained 77% of our daughter's education investment. BE AWARE, THEY TAKE MOST OF YOUR INITIAL DEPOSITS TO PAY OFF WHAT THEY CALL ENROLLMENT FEES .

USC Fees Structure ( from their 47 pages booklet)

- Enrolment Fess:                                   $100 per unit. (collected prior to any investment)
- Insurance Premiums:                           $20.00
- Depository Fees:                                 $10/yr   (monthlyDeposit Method)
- Administration fees:                            1% /yr (applied on CESGs and Principal)

Other Special Process Fees:

- Assignment of Principal                                  $20
- NSF Cheque/Stop Payment                           $10
- Change of Nominee                                         $20
- Replacement Cheque (Subscriber caused)  $10
- Conversion of Deposit Method                       $20
- Pre-Maturity of Plan:                                         $10
- Temporary Suspension                                    $20

Full Story
Letter to Mr. Donovan G. Barkley, President, USC's CEO
Letter to Ms. Cheryl Storey.
Article to the editor of Daily News (was published )
Letter to Mr. Hawk at CTV

Stories from people who had experiences with USC.
1. Terry's
2. Sonia's

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